The composer and pianist Thomas Lambrich, who lives in Hamburg and Tuscany (Suvereto), as a child in addition to the piano also learned to play harpsichord and church organ. Although music was the first love of his life, at young age he lacked the courage to make it the focus of his professional life. In the meantime, he almost completely lost sight of this love for a while. A few years ago, through a wonderful serendipity, he has given the piano the central place in his life again. Now music won’t let him go.

„Music can lead us into an inner space. A space of silence, where you can be completely with yourself. With my music, I set out to find the space of silence that is meant for me.”

The new album


Towards the end of 2022, Thomas Lambrich began composing his first album SUONI DI COLORE, which he presented on November 18, 2023 at Tonali Saal, Hamburg. Composing his own music was always his dream; but when it actually happened, he hadn’t planned it at all. Rather, his music found its way to him on its own when important changes were imminent in his life.

„For decades my thoughts moved only in the two extremes of black and white. Since I found my way back to the piano, I have been on the way into a life colored by feelings.”


Haseldorf, Bandreißerkate, 26.4.2024, 20:00 Uhr

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Bokel, Kailand, 07.09.2024

Tickets TBA

SUONI DI COLORE Tour 2024 – more dates coming soon

With his project “Piano Toscano”, Thomas Lambrich travels through his new Italian home with a mobile acoustic piano and plays primarily outdoors in the nature, for example in fields or meadows, vineyards, in the forest, on the beach or by the sea. These impressions also influence his concerts elsewhere.

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